Can I have a ride back to my car…on the fire truck?


It is official…I am 99% sure I will survive the half marathon.  I just completed the 12 mile training run.   For many people today they ran farther then they have ever run before.  That makes for a wonderful feeling of nervousness and excitement in the air.

My run was fantastic!  I think I can say with confidence that a factor in that is that I have come to terms with my altered goal for this year’s Missoula Half.    I had lots of random thoughts going through my head during the 2 hours and 12 minutes out on my run.  I tried to remember some of them to share with you.

  • “How did this rock get in my sock?”
  • “I bet if I ran like a zombie, I wouldn’t get those white triangles from the sun where my elbows bend”
  • “Why won’t my legs move?”
  • “Wow!  I am fast!”
  • “OMG I am slow”
  • “Whoa!  I am super-fast”
  • “Jeez!  That dude has past me 3 different times!”  (It was the route…I didn’t pass him once)
  • “Anders said this was a flat route…maybe I should define the word flat in my blog for him.”
  • “Yes!  I am at 3 miles! “
  • “Thank you water station volunteers!”
  • “Oh…I am so excited for those oranges and cocoanut things Carol brings us.  She is awesome.”
  • “Look!  It is Squatch’s fire station…maybe they will give me a ride back to my car on the fire truck.”
  • “Hey…there is that guy again.  At least he has fun encouraging words as he leaves me in his dust.”
  • “I am so taking an ice bath when I get home.”
  • “Why do I have LeAnn Rimes “Light the Fire Within” on my running playlist?”
  • “Is it further or farther when you are referencing distance?  I bet Beans would know.” (It is farther…I Googled it.)
  • “This sucks”
  • “This is awesome!”
  • “Hey this will be my 5th half marathon.  That is pretty cool.”
  • “Look horses!  They look like they are cheering us on.  I wish I had a carrot.  Do horses even eat carrots?  Wow…I am a city girl.”
  • “Thank goodness I survived.

That is about 1.5 minutes of the thoughts from over 2 hours of running.  As you can assume…there is a lot going on up there (in my head). All in all it was a good run and I did refer back to my blog “A Goat Among Horses” for my first ice bath in a long time.  It was actually on the verge of enjoyable.

Starting to look forward to actual run part of the half marathon and feel like I may be getting my mojo back.  Coming to peace with what my desired end result of the “big show” has really helped.  I hope those of you who ran today enjoyed it as much as I did.  Super proud of everyone and this year of hard work and training!

Keep Striding.


Ander's definition of flat. :)

Ander’s definition of flat. 🙂

There is a Squatch that works in there!
There is a Squatch that works in there!

The Cheer Squad

The Cheer Squad

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  1. Ha ha ha. 😀 Your brain is SO BUSY! 😀 I’m glad you had such a great run. We talked about you today, about how awesome you are to run with. 😉

    Race day is almost here and we’re ready! Woooo!

  2. I want to hear the other 2 hours and 10.5 minutes of thoughts! Glad the mojo is returning….being cool with new goals helps. Running my.first 10k next Saturday:-) Thx for the inspiration!

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